Training the next generation of cancer researchers

2011 Cancer Biology Chair & Director’s Retreat          

Friday-Saturday-Sunday        September 30 – October 2       Seaview, New Jersey

2011 Seaview, NJ On site Coordinator ELENA CHIARCHIARO Princeton University Manager – Student Services, Molecular Biology

On-site Coordinator:
Princeton Univ
Manager – Student Services, Molecular Biology



2011 Agenda

2011 Attendees

Presentations available for download:

LEVINE Stockholme Life



Articles to Note:

suggested reading from the 2011 Annual Retreat:

Risky Business by Gregory A. Petsko

End of the Wasteful Tyranny of reviewer experiments by Hidde Ploegh

Guest speakers:

Craig B. Thompson, MD, President, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

William Hait, MD, PhD, Head of Oncology, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals Group

Arnold Levine, PhD, Professor, Cancer Institute of New Jersey, and Director, Simons Center for Systems Biology at the Institute for Advanced Studies

Dinah S. Singer, PhD, Director, Division of Cancer Biology, National Cancer Institute

Marilyn J. Raymond, PT, PhD, Director, Professional Development, Education, Science, & Professional Development, American Society of Clinical Oncology

Topics and Workshops:

Systems Biology and Cancer
Career Opportunities in Cancer Biology
Training for Translational Research and Online Training Methods
Medical School Cancer Curriculum
Postdoctoral Training Curriculum
NCI Funding Review and Opportunities





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