Training the next generation of cancer researchers

2016 Retreat PowerPoint Presentations and Handouts

Friday, Nov 4

The 4th Modality has Arrived – Integrating Immunotherapy for H&N Cancer PPT/PDF
Robert L. Ferris, MD, PhD – University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute


Saturday, Nov 5

Active Learning Strategies for Graduate Education   PPT/PDF
Peg Weissinger, EdD, MBA – Georgetown University Medical Center

Supplements:  Classroom Assessment Techniques Handout         Active Learning Worksheet

Career Diversity for Graduate Students and Postdocs  (to be posted)
Douglas R. Spitz, Jr, PhD – University of Iowa
Christopher M. Moxham, PhD – Eli Lilly and Company

NCI T32 Program: What Is New?   PPT/PDF
Ming Lei, PhD – National Cancer Institute

Small Group Strategies for Graduate Education   PPT/PDF
Steven J. Triezenberg, PhD – Van Andel Institute Graduate School
Linda Vona-Davis, PhD – West Virginia University School of Medicine

Communicating Science to Non-Scientists   (to be posted)
Tullia Bruno, PhD – University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
John G. Radzilowicz, EdM – University of Pittsburgh

NCI’s Efforts to Promote a Stable Research Workforce   PPT/PDF
Jonathan S. Wiest, PhD – National Cancer Institute

CABTRAC Annual Business Meeting – Finances & Membership   PPT/PDF


Sunday, Nov 6

NCI Funding Opportunities to Increase Diversity in Cancer Research    PPT/PDF
Behrous Davani, PhD – National Cancer Institute

The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)   PPT/PDF
Richard A. Steinman, MD, PhD – University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Making Medicines: The Process of Drug Development   Brochure/PDF
Yolanda Johnson-Moton, MBA – Eli Lilly USA, LLC

The Trainee Perspective   (to be posted)
Eric Berens – Georgetown University
Stefan Brooks – University of California – Irvine

Committee and Breakout Reports:

Post Doc Training Committee   (to be posted)
Medical School Curriculum Committee Report   PPT/PDF
Diversity Recruitment Committee  
(to be posted)
Graduate Student & Postdoc Program Planning Committee Report

CABTRAC Running Club Report   PPT/PDF

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