Training the next generation of cancer researchers


Message from Channing J. Der, PhD, past CABTRAC President (2013), and
Sarah Graham Kenan Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Director, NIH Cancer Cell Biology Training Grant, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

The impact of CABTRAC to me, being a member since 2005, is shown through the successful renewal of three CCBTP predoctoral and one ITCMS postdoctoral T32s, as well as assistance with other funding mechanisms for trainees (e.g., F30/31/32, K99 awards, etc.)”

Benefits of CABTRAC membership include:
– Access to member-only features/information on CABTRAC website including documents on best practices
– Trainee participation at annual retreats
– Assistance with meeting new CCSG requirements for education
– Participation in committees (diversity, curriculum, postdoc training, etc.)
– Resources for teaching cancer biology – problem-based learning examples
– Opportunity for two-way exchange with NCI leadership for training grants and trainee fellowships/grants
– Gleaning insight and experiences from other T32 directors
– Perspectives from T32 reviewers (Subcommittee F)
– Perspectives from trainees – evolving landscape of cancer research and training: the most important voices in the room
And CABTRAC is a great place to “snag” EAB members (and to be snagged)!

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