Training the next generation of cancer researchers

2018 Retreat – Davenport, Iowa

Welcome to the Cancer Biology Training Consortium’s 14th Annual Cancer Biology Retreat co-hosted by the University of Iowa Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center. The retreat will be held in downtown Davenport, Iowa at the historic Hotel Blackhawk beginning the afternoon of Sunday, October 28 and concluding by noon on Tuesday, October 30.

(Retreat registration is now closed. If you would like information on how to join the Retreat, please contact Sheridan Wilder at

All Registered Attendees – please go to our  Travel Survey  page  to submit your travel details and retreat preferences.

Programs wishing to submit T32 Summary Statements and related questions, go to (link to be posted)

Graduate Students & Postdocs – please submit required materials:    SPEED MENTORING      POSTER ABSTRACTS



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