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Speed Mentoring

The 2018 Cancer Biology Annual Retreat is pleased to offer Speed Mentoring, matching senior scientists with trainees for dynamic discussion on personalized career topics. This session is required participation for attending trainees.

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows must submit their selections for the session by October 15. Trainees are asked to submit up to three topics or questions regarding their perceived career path. Trainees will be assigned up to three one-on-one sessions with faculty mentors of their choice.*  Trainees should be prepared to submit a 200-word abstract on their research project(s) and current career goals, along with their curriculum vitae and up to three questions or topics for discussion. A list of faculty mentors with biosketches is available below for selection matching.

Faculty attendees (including PI’s, program directors, and researchers) who register to attend the Annual Retreat prior to September 30 are encouraged to participate in the Speed Mentoring session. Each faculty mentor will be matched to a trainee for one-on-one discussion of a pre-determined topic, with up to three different trainees. Mentors will receive personalized materials for the session one week prior to the session.

*Every effort will be made to match trainees with the mentors of their choice, however due to various circumstances this cannot be guaranteed. Matching priority is on a first-come, first served basis.

2018 CABTRAC Speed Mentoring INFO

Bryan Allen – U Iowa

Toni Antalis – U Maryland

Jennifer Black, PhD – U Nebraska

Amy Bouton – U Virginia

Rolf Brekken – U Texas Southwestern    no longer available

Kerry Burnstein – U Miami

Moray Campbell – Ohio State U

Sam Campos – U Arizona

Jin Chen – Vanderbilt U

Christopher Counter – Duke U

Adrienne Cox – U of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Janet Cross – U Virginia

Nika Danial – Dana Farber  – no longer available

Channing Der – U North Carolina Chapel Hill

Kristin Eckert – Penn State College of Medicine

Mark Jackson – Case Western U

Martin Kast – U Southern California

Lawrence Kirschner – Ohio State U

Elizabeth Lawlor – U Michigan  no longer available

Conor Lynch – Moffitt

William Matsui – U Texas at Austin

Craig Meyers – Penn State College of Medicine

Lisa Middleton – Augusta U / Georgia CC

Hari Nakshatri – Indiana U

Babatunde Oyajobi – U Texas Health San Antonio

Mary Reyland – U Colorado Anschutz

Sharon Stack – U Notre Dame

Steven Triezenberg – Van Andel Institute

Jonathan Wiest – National Cancer Institute   no longer available

Jason Yustein – Baylor College of Medicine

Jindan Yu – Northwestern U

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