Training the next generation of cancer researchers

Past Retreats

2005    Oct 20-22             Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Kiawah, South Carolina
2006    Oct 27-29             Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove,California
2007    Sep 30–Oct 2       Basin Harbor Club, Vergennes, Vermont
2008    Oct 17-19             Deer Valley Resort, Park City Utah
2009    Oct 9-11               Sheraton Sand Key, Clearwater Beach, Florida
2010    Nov 5-7                Hilton Tucson El Conquistador, Tucson, Arizona
2011    Sep 30–Oct 2       Seaview Resort, Galloway, New Jersey
2012    Nov 9-11              Salk Institute/Sheraton La Jolla, La Jolla, California
2013    Oct 13-15             Blockade Runner Beach Resort, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
2014    Oct 17-19             Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado
2015    Oct 25-27             Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Kiawah, South Carolina

2006 Speaker
Joseph Pagano, MD
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
(title unavailable)

2006 Topics/Theme
Graduate Students
CB Curriculum
Translational Research in CB
CB in Medical School Curriculum

2007 Speaker 
Lynn Matrisian, PhD
Vanderbilt University
The Translational Research Working Group Report

2007 Topics/Theme
CB Curriculum White Paper
CB Training Grants/Reviews
CB in Medical School Curriculum

2008 Speaker   
Frank M. Torti, MD, MPH
Federal Drug Administration
Fellowship Training at the FDA: Opportunities for Careers in Regulatory Science

2008 Topics/Themes
Graduate Students
CB Training Grants
Minority Recruiting
Medical School Training
Engaging Undergrads/Generational Gap

2009 Speakers 
Tona Gilmer, PhD
If You Want to Build a Ship

Li-Kuo Su, PhD
Cancer Cell Journal
Life as a Journal Editor

William S. Dalton, PhD, MD
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute
(title unavailable)

2009 Topics/Themes
Recruiting Postdocs
CB in Medical School Curriculum
Postdoc Training/White Paper
Diversity Recruitment

2010 Speakers
David S. Alberts, MD
Arizona Cancer Center
Attacking Skin Cancer Through Prevention Research

Reinhard Laubenbacher, PhD
Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Mathematics and Cancer Biology: Paths to Integration

Jeffrey Trent, PhD
Translational Genomics Research Institute
Van Andel Research Institute
Integrating Genetics, Genomics and Biology towards a more Personalized Medicine

2010 Topics/Themes
Graduate Students
Minority Recruiting & Training
CB in Medical School Curriculum
Translational Cancer Train the Trainer Website Tools
CB Training White Paper Implementation

2011 Speakers
Craig B. Thompson, MD
Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Why Cancer Biology is a fundamental Scientific Discipline

Arnold J. Levine, PhD
Institute for Advanced Study-School of Natural Sciences
The Role of the p53 Family of Genes in the Fidelity of Germ Line Information Transfer; Reproduction, Autism and Cancer

Dinah S. Singer, PhD
National Cancer Institute
Update on Cancer Biology Program

Marilyn Raymond, PT, PhD
American Society of Clinical Oncology
ASCO’s Professional Development Committee

William Hait, MD, PhD
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development
Recent Successes and New Approaches to Drug Discovery in Oncology

2011 Topics/Themes
Postdoc Training Curriculum
Cancer Center Systems Biology in Cancer
Translational Research in Cancer Biology
CB in Medical School Curriculum

2012 Speakers 
Ron M. Evans, PhD
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Nuclear Receptors: Cajoling Metabolism Computational Biology for the Cancer Biologist to Corral Cancer

Richard A. Heyman, PhD
Aragon Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Discovery and Development of Next Generation Anti-Hormonal Agents for Cancer Therapy

William R. Brody, MD, PhD
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Is the U.S. Model for Biomedical Science Appropriate for the 21st Century?

Rod Ulane, PhD
National Institutes of Health
Biomedical Workforce Report

James Fitzpatrick, PhD
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Multi-scale Microscopy of Biological Systems

Trey Ideker, PhD
University of California San Diego School of Medicine
Mapping the Networks of Cancer

Anh-Chi Le, PhD
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
HHMI Med into Grad Initiative: Lessons Learned from Efforts to Bring an Understanding of Medicine into Ph.D. Training

2012 Topics/Themes
Grad Students and Postdocs
Mentoring, including Minority Mentoring
BioPhotonics and Cancer
Hosting Postdoc Bootcamp
Postdoctoral Training Curriculum
Med Ed – Cancer Graduate Ed Integration
Cancer Training in Medical School Curriculum

2013 Speakers   
Norman “Ned” E. Sharpless, MD
Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Aging: How Not to Get Cancer T32 Cancer Biology Programs

Jessie M. English, PhD
Belfer Institute for Applied Cancer Science, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School
Challenges in Drug Discovery: A Career Perspective

Judith S. Bond, PhD
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
Penn State University
University of North Carolina
NIH Funding Over the Sequester Horizon

Aime T. Franco, PhD
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Bed to the Bench: Journey of a Patient to Researcher

2013 Topics/Themes
Grad Students and Postdocs
Individual Development Plans
Career Path Preparation
Minority Recruitment

2014 Speakers 
Andrew Thorburn, PhD
University of Colorado Cancer Center
The Future of Cancer Biology:  One (likely incorrect) Viewpoint

Douglas R. Lowy, MD
Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute
Cancer Researchers Today and Tomorrow:  Precision Medicine in Prevention and Screening

Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann, MD
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
The Cancer Biology Workforce:  A Vision for the Future

2014 Topics/Themes
Grad Students and Postdocs
Minority Recruiting
Bioinformatics Biomedical Workforce

2015 Speakers
Anthony J. Alberg, PhD, MPH
Hollings Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina
(title not available)

Frank M. Torti, MD, MPH
University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Celebrating CABTRAC

Krystal D. Nolan
Medical University of South Carolina
Obtaining the NCI Predoctoral Individual National Research Award (F31)

Erin Kaltenbrun, PhD
Duke University
Postdoctoral Individual National Research Award (F32)

Vamsi Gangaraju, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina
Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00)

Donita C. Brady, PhD
University of Pennsylvania
Navigating a Successful Path to the Mentored Research Scientist Development Award (K01)

Robert T. Abraham, PhD
Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development
(title not available)

2015 Topics/Themes
National Cancer Institute Training Grants: F31, F32, K99, K01, T32
Graduate Student Transition to Post Doc; Post Doc Transition to Faculty; Career Options
Integrating Biology and Immunology
Data Landscape for Training and Research

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