Training the next generation of cancer researchers

U Colorado Anschutz, Estes Park 2014

2014 Cancer Biology Annual Retreat
Friday through Sunday, October 17-19, 2014
The Historic Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

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Guest Speakers:

The Cancer Biology Workforce: A Vision for the Future
Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann, MD – Director, Medical Scientist Training Program, University of Colorado    AGH_CBworkforce_Oct2014

Cancer Researchers Today and Tomorrow: Precision Medicine in Prevention and Screening
Douglas R. Lowy, MD – Laboratory Chief, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute   Lowy_CaResearchPART1   Lowy_CaResearchPART2   Lowy_CaResearchPART3

Program Presentation:

Sustaining and Strengthening the Biomedical Workforce: Trying Our BEST
Jonathan S. Wiest, PhD – Director, Center for Cancer Training, National Cancer Institute    Wiest_CABTRAC2014

T32 Program: Current State, Trends and New Policies
Ming Lei, PhD – Deputy Director, Center for Cancer Training, and Acting Branch Chief, Cancer Training Branch, National Cancer Institute    Lei_T32program2014

Policies on Submission and Reporting for NCI NRSA T32 Awards
Mark Damico,PhD – Program Director, Cancer Training Branch, National Cancer Institute   Damico_T32SubmissionandReporting

Other Presentations and documents:




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