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The Cancer Biology Training Consortium (CABTRAC) was established in 2005 to facilitate the exchange of ideas between individuals and institutions dedicated to the mission of training the next generation of cancer researchers. The consortium works closely with over 80 institutions within the US as well as the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Training Branch.


“We just received the NOA from NCI renewing our T32 training grant. I strongly believe the information I gained at CABTRAC

over the last 2 years of my attendance was very helpful toward the development of our competitive renewal.”

Scott I. Abrams, Ph.D.
Professor of Oncology & Director of Graduate Studies
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
August 2018


Thank you to all those who attended and contributed to the Cancer Biology Annual Retreat at the Hotel Blackhawk in Davenport, Iowa Sunday, October 28 through Tuesday, October 30, 2018. Presentations from the 14th annual conference will posted HERE by Friday, November 9.  Please take the Retreat Exit Survey at for input on the 2019 Retreat.

Program Survey Results

For the school year:

(Averages from sampled respondents)

2017-18 2016-17 2015-16
Total number of graduate students in CB program 20.3 21 23.1
# Female 11.1 12.3 13.4
# Male 9.1 8.8 9.7
# Citizens/Permanent Residents 15.9 16.3 16.9
# International Students 4.3 5 6.4
# Under Represented Minority 4.6 4.6 4.3
# Training Grant Eligible 15.9 16.1 16.7

Has your institution/department adopted a required final Ph.D. thesis format?

55% Yes       45% No

Do you think it is important that a standardized final Ph.D. thesis format is adopted by a program or institution?

55% Yes        27% No        18%  Depends

Would it be helpful if CABTRAC recommended a final Ph.D. thesis format?

18% Yes       55% No       27%  Maybe

View required formats from member institutions:

University of Arizona

Wayne State University

University of Michigan

University of Iowa

University of Miami


Presentations and Handouts from the
2017 Cancer Biology Annual Retreat
& CABTRAC Annual Meeting held October 29, 30 & 31
at the Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, Washington
are available  HERE




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