CABTRAC has established six committees tasked with pursuing the latest trends in cancer research training to bring innovative and leading information to CABTRAC members. The primary goal of the committees is to organize and facilitate annual retreat speakers, sessions and workshops. Additionally, the committees contribute to white paper publications, advocacy letters to the National Cancer Institute, and other theme-based projects. Committee chairs are members of CABTRAC’s advisory committee, reporting to the board of directors.

CABTRAC members are encouraged to participate in the committees of their choice. Please feel free to contact the committee chairs directly to join:

Committee on Faculty Development and Promotion
Kathleen O’Connor and Danny Welch, co-chairs

Committee on CRTEC including curricula, data collection, tracking and outcome assessment
Brian Keith and Hari Nakshatri, co-chairs

Committee on Enhancing Diversity
Janet V. Cross and Julie Rhoades, co-chairs

Committee on Rigor, Ethics, & Self-care
<OPEN>, chair

Committee on the T32 and Other Training Grants
James J. Manfredi and Jennifer Black, co-chairs

Committee for Trainee Programming at the 2023 Annual Retreat
Allyson Hoag and Johnson Ung
Anna Andronicos, Rebecca T. Lee, Roni Haas, Alejandro Campos and Clare Morris
Mentors: Paul Grippo and Rashieda Hatcher