The President-Elect serves as a voting member of the board and as Board secretary for one year. In the following year, the President-Elect automatically assumes the position of President, functioning both to chair the Board and to lead development of the retreat program. As the Past President, this position completes their three-year commitment as an advisor to the Board.

Board Directors, over a three-year term, act as the governing voices of CABTRAC and participate in board meetings, committees and programming.

The Board is comprised of the President, President-elect, Treasurer and Board Directors. One board meeting is typically held in-person each year coordinated with the annual retreat, while quarterly meetings are held using videoconferencing tools. Board members are also encouraged to participate in CABTRAC events (e.g. Speed Mentoring) and serve on one of CABTRAC’s committees (view committees here.)

For the 2023 year, three Director positions became open.  Board members concluding their service include Brian Keith, Kathleen O’Connor and Lalita Shevde-Samant –Thank you all for serving the past three years!  The continuing Directors include Larry Boise, Janet Cross and Jon Houtman (to 2024), and Kristin Eckert and Julie Rhoades (to 2025.)  Also continuing will be Rolf Brekken as President (2024) and Dan Welch as Treasurer (to 2024).

2023 Election CANDIDATE LIST

For more detail on CABTRAC’s election process, review the following documents: