CABTRAC is pleased to offer a poster session with cash awards for the best graduate student and postdoc posters on Monday, October 23 in the Marea Canvas Room at the VEA Newport Beach Marriott Resort.

All registered trainees are expected to present a poster.

Please submit your abstract below by Sunday, October 1.
Abstracts are limited to 500 words.
Please hang your poster on Monday between 7am and 4pm; find your pre-assigned spot by number to hang your poster.

Tripods with 48’W x 36’H backboards will be provided.
Trainees will present their posters on Monday from 5:15pm to 7:15pm.

The event will be divided into two one-hour sessions to allow trainees to view other posters. You will be assigned to present in either the first or second session.

Poster cash awards will be announced Tuesday at 8am. Trainees will be able to received their completed score sheets at this time.

Posters do not need to be created specifically for this event, but should include the following evaluation criteria:

  • Purpose of the study clearly stated
  • Data presented in a visually effectively manner
  • Poster presented in a logical manner
  • Conclusions are stated clearly and supported by results
  • Conclusions and future work are tied back to the hypothesis
  • See the Judging Scoresheet for scoring metrics


CABTRAC’s Poster Session Coordinator:

Rashieda J. Hatcher, Ph.D.

CRTEC Administrator

Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at

Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, Texas

(951) 805-7965